HIVERTERNP201i Series Grid Ties Central Solar Inverter

With over 3 GW installations in India, Hitachi Grid Tied Central Inverters are among the best available Grid Tied Solar Inverters which is suitable for multi megawatt and utility-scale PV power plants. It is a critical balance of system (BOS) component in a solar photovoltaic system. It converts DC Power generated by the Photovoltaic (Solar) array to AC Power that is fed to the Utility Power Grid System.

This highly acclaimed Hitachi Solar Inverters are being developed at Sanand based manufacturing facility near Ahmedabad in India based on the contemporary technology of Hitachi Ltd, Japan, ably supporting Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. It has been thoughtfully designed keeping all the critical parameters and challenges faced by project developers in terms of better grid compliance & most importantly CAPEX vs YIELD factor.

With reactive power control, 3 Level IGBT technology and wider MPPT range, Hitachi solar inverters deliver considerably maximum power generation. Its compact design and lower weight offers ease of installation, repair & maintenance. Its large touch screen display collects the real-time data and provides fault detection diagnostics; ensure faster retrieval of Information for corrective action. It is also suitable for high ambient temperature.

  • 3 Level PWM Inverter technology resulting in reduction of losses, low harmonic output current (< 3%) & improved efficiency
  • Low current harmonic distortion
  • Reactive power control (night time)
  • Lowest auxiliary consumption
  • Suitable for handling DC overloading capacity up to 140%
  • Rated power @ 0.95 pt at 50°C
  • Widest MPPT range
  • Provision of air circuit breaker at o/p at each MW scale inverter
  • Flexible output AC voltage suitable for retrofitting jobs
  • 2.5 MW containerized solution
Safety TestingIEC 62109-1PV Inverter general
IEC 62109-2PV Inverter safety requirements
IEC 62116Is landing system
UL 1741Safety
Enclosure ProtectionIEC 60529IP protection
PerformanceIEC 61683Efficiency calculations
EN 50530MPPT / reliability standard
EMCIEC 61000-6-2Emission requirements
IEC 61000-6-4Immunity requirements
Environmental Testing60068-2-1Cold test
60068-2-2Dry heat test
60068-2-14Change of temperature
60068-2-30Damp heat cyclic test
  • kW Scale: 250 kW, 500 kW, 630 kW, 670 kW, 715 kW
  • MW Scale: 1 MW, 1.25 MW, 1.34 MW, 1.43 MW, 2.5 MW