Interactive Banking Solution


The GRGHub is a customized system that offers banks a more interactive way to improve their banking services. Through our one-stop shop for complex branching services, the GRGHub connects financial institutions with their customers directly making the user experience more convenient and efficient. Combined with our innovative banking and biometric solutions, the GRGHub can accurately identify customers while providing tailored products and services.


One-Stop Shop for Branching Services

With our intelligent interactive platform, the GRGHub, businesses can promote a variety of retail business solutions. Customers can experience a variation of financial services such as investment and wealth management, credit card applications, consumer credits, and auto financing to optimize customer experience and maximize service efficiency.

“Lighter” Branches

Introducing the advanced smart branch that defies the traditional banking service workflow by bidding farewell to the “inferior” traditional bank image by turning into innovative branches that provide customers with face-to-face, one-stop interactive communication experiences.

Borderless Branches

The wealth management system can clearly and intuitively display solutions according to your customer’s needs. If you encounter a complex problem that cannot be solved at your branch, you can use our single click real-time connection service to remotely consult experts and investment consultant teams to receive customized feedback for your customers.


Screen Configuration (55″, 65″, 75″, 86″)
 -Anti-Glare Screen
 -4k LED
 -10 pt. touch screen display
 – Calibration ≤ 1mm
Android System
 -Quad-Core 1.4 GHz Engine
 -32GB ROM
 -2 GB RAM
 -4 USB
 -2 HDMI
 -1 Audio
 -1 Microphone
 -1 VGA
 -1 Ethernet
Windows System (Optional)
 – Windows 10 with Intel i5, DDR4 4G RAM, 128 GB HD
 -Windows 10 with Intel i7, DDR4 8G RAM, 256GB HD
Standard Accessories  (conferencing accessories in product brochure)
 – Wall Mount
 – 2 Felt Pens
 – 3 WIFI Antennas
 – 1 Remote Control