The high-speed Magner 175FF Fitness sorter continues to push the boundaries of technology, using the latest detection sensors, programming, and customer input.
These fine aspects are modeled into our user-friendly, accurate, and productive sorter. Fitness sorting made simple at the highest speed in its class.


Applicable Currencies: 10 Maximum
Speed: Count & value: 1,300 notes/min,
Fitness: 1,000 notes/min
Hopper Capacity: 500 notes
Stacker Capacity: 250 notes
Reject Capacity: 100 notes
Feed System: Friction Roller
Display: 4.3 inch color graphic LCD with manual buttons
Denomination Detection: 2 RGB CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
Thickness of currencies: 0.08-0.12mm
Size of currencies: W: 100-186mm, H:60-95mm
Dimensions: 300(W) x 321(D) x 310(H)mm
Weight: 15.7kg
Power supply: 100/240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 134W


Counterfeit Detection: 2 RGB CIS (Contact Image Sensor), IR (Infrared), UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Magnetic)
Fitness Testing: Tape, Stains, Limpness, Dog-ears, Tears, Holes, Folds, Mutilations, Thickness, Repairs, Composed, De-inked etc.
Note sorting: orientation, face, denomination
Serial Number recognition: Up to 1,000 notes/min
Display: Multi-language support
Connectivity: LAN (Ethernet), RS232 Serial Port (Thermal Printing), USB Port (Upgrading, PC)
Includes: Multicurrency, Auto currency