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About Us


In today's competitive world, businesses are looking for opportunities to maximize profits, by increasing revenues and lowering their operational cost. At the same time, consumers are looking for more convenient, efficient and secured services.

To meet this requirement, Newtech Business System Limited (Newtech), headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia, has brought in world class products and services, that simply boost the quality of consumer touch-points and enhance customer delight. It is sourcing the products from some of the world renowned suppliers and providing best in class service to its customers.

Newtech's offering is centred on optimizing business processes at banks and retail businesses. It is aimed mainly at cutting cost and complexity and improving service to the customers, by offering one-stop solution of products, consumables and service.


Newtech was founded by Mr.A.Swaminathan, a technocrat with more than ten years experience in the field of Computer hardware and software, Networking and electronic products.

Newtech in operation since March, 2006, has a team of well trained and experienced professionals in the Technical Support and in Sales and Marketing.

Newtech successfully brought Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) from GRG of China in 2008 into Zambia, a market which was till then a monopoly of a MNC. Newtech also introduced, for the first time, different business models for the deployment of ATM such as Use & Pay, Lease and Hire, which has been a great success.

Similarly in the Retail Business, Newtech successfully brought into Zambia in 2009, a low cost, more user friendly Retail Management and Accounting Software Systems, challenging the monopoly position enjoyed by another MNC. This System has been accorded approval by Zambia Revenue Authority.

In August, 2011, Mr A B Patel, Chairman of the Radian Group of Companies, one of the biggest retailers in Zambia, has become a co-investor in Newtech.

In line with its business philosophy of products with innovative technology, in September 2012 Newtech introduced in the Zambian Market, the first of its kind Currency Processors from the world renowned Magner International of USA.

::Mission Statement

To deliver innovative technology and services that make businesses better, through a combination of customer knowledge, ideal product sourcing, supportive suppliers and continuous development of our skills and expertise for better service.

::Vision Statement

Products with innovative technology and service that differentiates