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Self-service Terminal Centralized Control System

CATalyst is a self-service terminal centralized control system. Compliant with the CEN/XFS standard, it supports multi-vendor ATM applications. CATalyst enables FIs to launch new business application at ease and provide customized services.

EFT Security Software SECOne

ATM is a kind of special devices using in financial and cash application.? Based on GRGBanking's deep understanding and experience on ATM mechanism, ATM software and ATM maintenance services. SECOne is more than a simple desktop anti-virus tool or a network firewall. SECOne can provide comprehensive protection to your ATM system, including terminal operation system, device controlling instructions, internal processes, confidential data, network communication and even USB access. And more, its capability of centralized control and analyzing also makes your security maintenance and management more convenience than ever.

FEEL View Express Edition

FEEL View Express is a multi-vendor ATM monitoring system, which can help ATM deployers diagnose their machine status 7*24H. With the aid of more than 1000 error-codes identification, FEEL View Express can detect not only overall ATM status but also its details for those common principle modules as well as special ones like Coin, Barcode, Cash Recycler, etc. What is more, it is able to monitor Cassette and its remaining notes on real-time. The system support hierarchical ATM and branch management. All the monitoring results are shown in both tabular and graphical way. The instant monitoring and flexible notification via SMS or Email enable the system to efficiently direct the right person to the right location.

FEEL View Prfessional Edition

FEEL View Professional is a system for both multi-vendor ATM monitoring and comprehensive management, which can be extended to all-around back-office management ranging from asset management, branch offices, field services, repairing service, CIT, help desk, etc. With advanced functions like transaction monitoring, BI executive dashboard, GIS map locator, SLA management, etc., the system provide headquarter a centralized platform to manage its branch performance and analyze its resource profitability.? Last but not the least, it provides knowledge base management, which shares our professional experience in ATM maintenance and troubleshooting in a collaborative way.

FEEL Switch ATM Switching

FEEL Switch ATM Switching is a lightweight and low-cost EFT Switching System, which is a best solution for small-and-medium sized banks, especially in his fast growing phase.

It supports multiple types of ATM such as Cash Dispenser, Cash Recycler, BNA, etc. It supports both ISO8583 and NDC and it is totally compatible with all the world-class host system through ISO8583(1987/1993) connection. In addition to the basic EFT functions, the system also pre-build the ePayment middleware and sales/vending module which can help the ATM deployers differentiate themselves and quickly deploy both banking and utility payment transactions on his ATM network.

FEEL Switch
International Cards
Acquiring Gateway

FEEL Switch International Cards Acquiring Gateway is a low cost solution which can expand any existing switching system and help to earn extra transactional fee. By now, our system already support connections with multiple international card associations such as VISA, MasterCard, JCB(Japan), CUP, etc., and well supporting EMV and PCI standards. Besides the card acquiring and transactional handling, the system was already pre-rebuilt the settlement and reconciliation modules and together with guidance for standard implementation.

Card Management System

The Card Management System is a software/hardware packaged solution which is derived from bank's standard card system and now is targeting for not only the banks but also non-banking customers like retailers, parking, etc. It is able to issue card in a centralized mode and able to manage different types of card such as prepaid card, gift card, cash card, co-branding card, member card, etc. In addition, the system provides flexible fee policy for different kinds of merchant and enables card acquiring and transactional settlement on both ATM and POS. Besides the primary functionalities of card system, it supports multi-institutional BIN and card number management.

ATM Location Analyze

For an ATM deployer, location is the most important factor since 80+% of ATM efficiency and profitability is decided by selection of location.

F@ST Abacus Solution is designed based on our professional experience with thousands of ATMs in the different regions. It combined consulting services, long term managed services and guidance, so we can provide a complete ATM location and management solution.

With the utilizing of Data Analyzing, Data Mining, as well as intelligent self-learning, F@ST Abacus can provide advises on how to select the right location. A standardized survey form will be provided as a guidance for location investigation. Multiple scoring models will be applied to do the forecasting and calculate the prediction as well as possibility. Finally, it provides a management Centre for all your people and performance.

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