Large Volume Cash Recycler


GRGBanking’s high-speed & large-volume cash recycler, the P5500 series, offers you excellent performance and flexibility. With rich functionalities including large deposits and withdrawals, intelligent banknote recognition, non-stop feeding, high-speed deposits & withdrawals of up to 10 notes/second, and other flexible features, the P5500 series is an ideal solution for providing your target customers premium cash handling experiences. 


High-speed & large volume deposits and withdrawals
Serial number tracking
Max. Slot 500 note capacity
Max. Escrow 300 note capacity
Can process up to 10 notes/second
Non-stop feeding & dispensing
Supports up to 6 different denominations

Flexible Additional Features
ID Recognition
Fingerprint/ Finger vein recognition
Face recognition
Opening accounts
UKey issuance
Interactive microphone
Barcode scanning
Statement printing
The P5500 series provides customers an excellent interactive experience with a variety of financial services that can be customized according to your branching needs.