Financial Solutions - GRG Banking

ATM Solutions

Cash Dispenser

H22N Series
Versatile Cash Dispenser

Intrinsic Performance Self-developed cash processing module Flexible Scalability

H22V Series
Multi FunctionCash Dispenser

Inheriting reliable performance and outstanding serviceability of GRG ATMs, the H22V series bulk cash dispensers are designed to optimize deployers’ cost and enhance self-service satisfaction.

Cash Recycler

H68N Series Versatile Cash Recycler

Self-owned cash recycling technology Serial Number Tracking Non-stop Incentive & Unrivalled Innovation

H68V Series Multi-function Cash Recycler

Self-owned cash recycling technology Superior capacity and reliability Self-audit cash recycling module

Full Function ATM

H34N Series Full Function Automated Teller Machine

High Reliability & Outstanding Performance Self-developed Cash Processing Module Flexible Scalability & Value-added Services

Retail Dispenser

i21 Entry Level Cash Dispenser

Compact and ergonomic design Self-developed core module High reliability & convenient maintenance

Retail Solution

Intelligent Deposit Machine

High Speed Cash Deposit Machine

Efficient Application & Affordable Expense Reliable Quality & Durability & Compact Design Convenient & Secure Transportation

Intelligent Cash Deposit Machine

Large capacity & Non-stop feeding Advanced NV technology & Serial number tracking Fingerprint authentication

Compact Cash Recycler

Compact Cash Recycler

Fashion design & Small footprint Low operational cost Knock-down Maintenance rate