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ATM Solutions

Cash Dispenser

H22N Series
Versatile Cash Dispenser

Intrinsic Performance Self-developed cash processing module Flexible Scalability.

H22V Series
Multi FunctionCash Dispenser

Designed to optimize deployers’ cost and enhance self-service satisfaction.

Cash Recycler

H68N Series Versatile Cash Recycler

Self-owned cash recycling technology Serial Number Tracking Non-stop Incentive & Unrivalled Innovation

H68V Series Multi-function Cash Recycler

Self-owned cash recycling technology Superior capacity and reliability Self-audit cash recycling module

Full Function ATM

H34N Series Full Function Automated Teller Machine

High Reliability & Outstanding Performance Self-developed Cash Processing Module Flexible Scalability & Value-added Services

Retail Dispenser

i21 Entry Level Cash Dispenser

Compact and ergonomic design Self-developed core module High reliability & convenient maintenance

Retail Solution

Intelligent Deposit Machine

High Speed Cash Deposit Machine

Efficient Application & Affordable Expense Reliable Quality & Durability & Compact Design Convenient & Secure Transportation

Intelligent Cash Deposit Machine

Large capacity & Non-stop feeding Advanced NV technology & Serial number tracking Fingerprint authentication

Compact Cash Recycler

Compact Cash Recycler

Fashion design & Small footprint Low operational cost Knock-down Maintenance rate