H68V Series
Multi-Function Cash Recycler


The H68V series are new generation cash recyclers with modern appearance and large volume cash processing capacity. Their cutting-edge design, high reliability, wide scalability make them a perfect fit in various scenarios. The optional note auditing functionality of H68V series can realize more efficient and precise cash management to reduce your TCO.


Superior capacity and reliability

50% increase on maximum bulk cash depositing/dispensing capacity. Large capacity of cash cassette with maximum 3,300 notes. Reliable performance maximizes machine uptime.

Self-audit cash recycling module

New cash recycling module supports note auditing to raise more benefits of cash management and CIT procedure, making it a valuable model to optimize your business.

Flexible configuration and development

Top-cabinet or side-car design fulfills flexible and scalable functionalities, realizing easier function expansion and development.

Easy deployment and maintenance

Optimized design and material makes H68V series cash recyclers a lighter model with and compact footprint, which enables convenient deployment. Modular design and neat wiring ensures fast replacement of failure parts within 15 minutes.


Controlling Unit
IPC: Intel H61/H81/Q87, support Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
500G+ HDD (opt. Dual HDD)
Max. 32GB memory, DVD-RW
Embedded PC (opt.): intel ATOM D2550, 500G HDD, 4G memory
Windows® 7 /10
Banknote Processing Unit
Deposit/dispensing speed: 10 notes per second
Up to 4 recycling cassettes and 2 acceptance cassettes
Cassette capacity
 -Recycling cassette capacity: max. 3,350 notes*
 -Acceptance capacity: max. 3,850 notes*
Customer Interface Display
 -15” TFT color LCD touch screen
 -Privacy filter (opt.)
 -2*4 function keys
 -4*4 metal encryption PIN pad
 -Dust proof/water proof/vandal resistant
 -PCI compliant
 -EMV certified
Card reader
 -Motorized card reader
 -Anti-skimming design (opt.)
 -Card return on power failure (opt.)
 -Card retract (opt.)
 -DIP card reader (opt.)
 -Contactless smart card reader/writer (opt.)
Receipt printer
 -Graphic thermal receipt printer
 -Capture and retract capability
Journal printer (opt.):
 -High speed dot matrix journal printer
 -Thermal printer
Security Physical
 -Split type double mechanical combination lock
 -Electronic lock (opt.)
PCI compliant EPP
EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certified
 -Electro magnetic interference device
PIN Pad shield
EMV certified
 -Electro magnetic interference device
Biometric Authentication
Palm vein reader (opt.)
Finger vein reader (opt.)
Finger print scanner (opt.)
Facial recognition (opt.)
Customer awareness mirror
DVR surveillance system (opt.)
Transaction image capture for surveillance (opt.)
UPS (opt.)
SecOne for software and network security (opt.)
Sonic alarm modules (opt.)
10″ LCD service panel with touch screen on TTW type
Front, rear and side access
Working Environment
Temperature: Indoor: 32℉(0 ℃) to 104℉(40℃);
Outdoor: -31℉(-35℃) to 122℉(50℃) (with optional heating unit)
Relative humidity: 20% to 95% non-condensing