Our Products

Explore our wide services in Banking and Financial Sector .We deal with ATM’s, Cash handling Solutions,Deposit Automation Solutions,Security Systems and more..

Check out our products on Retail business.This includes all the needed on counter devices for your Retail Business from POS , Barcode Scanners to and more…

Empower your offices with high quality power backups.Check out different models and brands of UPS, Drives and Gried Tied Solar Invertors.

Newtech deals with high quality Solar Hybrid Invertors and Panels from Growatt, Luminous. We also deal Amaron Batteries. Check Out..

 Our SKIDATA benefits customer from a reliable and comprehensive vehicle access management system, scalable for different business areas: from a simple employee parking lot to networked city solutions all the way to complex airport installations and more..​

Newtech deals with all leading models of Laptops, Servers and Bio-metric systems needed for your Business. Know more..